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Social Media

Social media is a key factor in today’s hiring market.  Beyond the company’s website, jobs can be listed on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook.  It allows both parties to gain insights into the other.  For the applicant it can be a powerful tool or a detriment depending upon what is posted for all to see.  Do you really want your future employer to see photos of you at a drunken bash or in some compromising position?

Your profile on various social media accounts will have an impact on the overall impression you give to the potential hirer.  Some things to consider:

  • Not just your own sites, but those in which you pose with friends.
  • Personal information
  • Inappropriate photos or comments


Review your current presence and clean up anything that needs dealing with prior to starting your job search.

  • Google yourself
  • Adjust any profiles
  • Increase your professional online entries
  • Delete anything that may seem incriminating