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The face-to-face meeting with someone from the company is a critical element of the hiring process.   At CorGTA we have developed a number of suggestions that can help you present yourself as a solid candidate.


Generally we will work with the applicant to hone those skills and diminish any anxiety over an interview.  We will meet with you in person, over Skype, or through the telephone.  The person’s “homework: will include:

  • Understand the organization; what it does; corporate structure; culture like charitable endeavors.
  • Know who the interviewers are and who will make the decision.
  • Have a mental portfolio of your accomplishments.
  • Prepare questions for the employer.  It is not a good idea to start by asking about salary or benefits.
  • Decide what positive measures you can take to set yourself apart.

        Behavioral Interviews

        These are questions that a prospective employer will ask interviewees to offer specific examples of how they handled a scenario in the past.  This is used to decide how the candidate would handle a similar situation in the future.  They questions can be detailed and probing.  There are some guidelines we would like to offer.

        • Describe the circumstances of the previous situation, including what you were trying to accomplish.
        • Take the interviewer step by step through the process you used.
        • Explain the results.  Was the problem solved?  How did others react?  Feedback from supervisors and management.  List what you learned from the experience.
          Dressing for the Interview

          Creating a positive impact is important in the interview process.  Not all companies expect you to wear a suit to the interview, but if you have any doubts, be conservative.  Although you may be told it is “casual Friday” and the interviewer will be wearing jeans, it is not particularly acceptable for the applicant to do the same.

          Electronic Interviews

          It is significantly more common to interview over video platforms like Skype and FaceTime.  This should be treated like any other face-to-face meetings.  There are some things to keep in mind.

          • Choose the background and environment carefully.  Do a test to see what can be observed in the background, including any posters or artwork, tables, etc.
          • Be sure your internet connection is reliable.
          • Exchange contact information in advance and confirm it.
          • Test any technology
          • Double check username and profile photo
          • Dress professionally
          • Be on time
          • Keep aware of your posture.  Maintain eye contact.
          • Be as calm as possible.


          What happens if an interview goes bad?  If you can tell something offensive has happened or been said, make every effort to correct the situation to be reconsidered as a viable applicant.

          • Take a deep breath and ask for a repeat
          • Interview the interviewer
          • Make mention of the error in your thank you letter
          • Most importantly, learn from the bad interview