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(647) 560-4542 info@corgta.com
What happens after I send in my resume?
Our Recruitment Specialists review each application we receive. Unfortunately we are unable to place everyone and sometimes can only meet with candidates whose qualifications and experience are in align with current openings.

We received hundreds of applications each month. Please allow at least one week before following up with a contact call.
Please continually review our website for available positions. You are encouraged to submit a new application for each posting for which you feel suited. Do not assume that just because we have your information on file that you would be considered for every position.

All information that you submit is strictly confidential. We will submit your resume to potential employers only after consultation and your specific permission to CorGTA.

How much will I be expected to pay in fees?
There is no cost to job seekers. The prospective employer remits a payment for our service. Our job is to find the best candidates and to match them with the employer’s needs.
I am not Canadian. Can you find a job for a foreign worker?
CorGTA works with individuals who are legally available for work in Canada. We are unable to assist anyone who does not have a valid work permit. We are also not able to assist in the process to attain a work permit.
How do I know if a job is still available?
If the posting is still on our website, the job is still available. One of our Recruitment Consultants are able to answer questions about the status of each posting.
May I come in to leave my resume and speak with a consultant?
It is our preference that you create a profile and apply on line. It is also a beneficial tool to submit multiple applications. That is the most efficient way our consultants to review your information on a job-by-job basis.
How do I register with CorGTA as a job seeker?
Simply apply through our job portal. Your application and details are automatically incorporated into our database.
Why haven’t I heard from one of your consultants?
Our recruiters review all the applications specific to the position posted. He or she then determines the best fit with the client needs and will select the most appropriate candidates. if you do not qualify for the particular position, you will receive an email.
I would like a job in another province or oversees. Can you help me?
CorGTA focuses on placements in Canada. There are times when our clients have openings in the United States. These are posted on our website.