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Contract Employment

Not every individual wants or is suited to corporate employment.  Many prefer the flexibility and mobility of a contract position. 

  • Flexibility – Sometimes it is a chance to explore an opportunity outside an immediate career path.  It is also a good way to explore a new city or to take advantage of travel.  It can also provide continuing income while maintaining options.  Sometimes contract employees have the opportunity to work from home or other remote sites.
  • Expanding Skill Sets – Through contract employment it can sharpen your skills since you will need to understand the job requirements quickly and adapt to new situations.  It will expose you to different corporate climates with exposure to new approaches and ideas.  There are often new programs and operating systems as well as training opportunities.
  • Building a Network – By visiting other companies and meeting new people in your field you can expand your network for other employment opportunities.  There is the added advantage of avoiding office politics.
  • Personal Responsibility – You are responsible for your own tax remittances.