Job Seekers

Job Seekers

We make it a point to understand our candidate applicants. We prioritize your next career move whether it is for a permanent position or a contract offer. At CorGTA we maintain a close watch on the market trends and are able to share our insights as well as the process to be sure you are placed in the right job for you.

We have a streamlined process to enhance your job search.


Provide a current resume



After we review your qualifications, we will connect through a telephone call to discuss specifics, including goals and details of your experience. We will review our current opportunities and when we find the right fit for you, we will schedule a time for you to meet with one of our team members.



We understand how important your career is and to further that goal, we will offer coaching suggestions on how to approach specific jobs and the best practices for each interview.



This is where the candidate and the potential employer meet face to face to discuss details and determine if there is a good match.



We will provide you with information we have from the potential employer. In this way we can provide guidance on any further interviews that may be scheduled and allow you to refine your presentation skills.


Next Step:

This is where the employer will determine wether or not they will be moving forward with your potential candidacy, and any additional steps for onboarding if successful.


Ongoing Conversations:

This is where we maintain a relationship with you either in your new role or on the next opportunity.