Job Classifications

Advertising, marketing and public relations managers

Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations Managers are responsible for the ongoing management, development and results of marketing and sales campaigns, including internet and web promotions. They also are responsible for the public relations element of the business.

Computer and Information Systems Managers

Computer and Information Systems Managers are responsible for the overall operation of those departments, including policies and procedures, budgets and personnel.

Computer programmers and interactive media developers

Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers will initiate code, including modifications and upgrades, for computer, communications and interactive processes. They work at the operating systems level.

Information Systems Analysts and Consultants

Information Systems Analysts and Consultants will review and study current operations relating to software and systems, security, and general business issues. They will recommend changes and suggest contingency plans to management. They will implement approved changes and upgrades.

Information Systems Testing Technicians

Information Systems Testing Technicians test, evaluate, and document software and applications. They install any hardware and software to enable the testing, complete testing, analyze and document results. They may be asked to contribute to testing policies and procedures.

Software Engineers and Designers

Software Engineers and Designers are responsible for the ongoing installation and maintenance of computer-related, communications, and other applications and architecture. This will include research into new developments, upgrades, and optimization

Telecommunication Carriers Managers

Telecommunication Carriers Managers are responsible for the general operation of telecommunications within a company, including liaison with other departments, clients, and related companies to ensure the efficient delivery of service

User Support Technicians

User Support Technicians provide initial and ongoing computer support to users through call centers and help lines. The position communicates with users through training and advice. They document issues and resolutions. They may be called upon to contribute ideas toward redesigns and upgrades in hardware and software.

Web Designers and Developers

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Database Analysts and Data Administrators

Database Analysts and Data Administrators are responsible for data access, storage, usage, backup and recovery. They also will analyze data and data mining results. They will contribute toward network and internet policies and procedures.

Computer Network Technician

Computer Network Technicians create, maintain, repair, and upgrade networks, mainframes, hardware and software including internet and intranet connections, and servers. The position also monitors, logs and reports program usage. It includes data backup, recovery programs, and security.

Computer Engineers

Computer Engineers are responsible for a variety of tasks related to computer and telecommunications hardware systems including implementation of hardware and monitoring test results. Tasks may include supervisory responsibilities and interdisciplinary team projects.

Business Management Consultant

Business Management Consultants analyze corporate structure, operations and management. They monitor compliance with industry, provincial and federal standards and regulations and complete appropriate audits. They will recommend changes and improvements. They may be required to prepare and/or review regulatory filings.