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Why Choose CorGTA

There are a number of reasons to hire CorGTA for your recruitment and HR needs. We have built our reputation by serving long-time clients in Toronto, Ottawa and other areas of Ontario as specialists in recruitment activities. We are known for our approachability, knowledge base, cordial relations, and success.


Through traditional face-to-face meetings and telephone conversations we have found that the most effective recruitment technique is honest communication. We are able to develop and maintain successful relationships with our clients and then we are better able to find the appropriate personnel to fit their needs.


Many other recruitment agencies maintain standard office hours. We are able to devote time outside that parameter to suit the needs of our client base. We have the flexibility to work within your time constraints, which means we are able to organize meetings and phone calls before or after the usual work day, to accommodate your busy schedule.


 Flexible Interview Times

Because we do not restrict our hours to the standard workday, we are able to schedule interview times to meet the availability of candidates. This means the telephone and Skype interviews we conduct are more relaxed for the candidate and allows us a more in-depth conversation to really understand the individual. In that way we are able to fully identify whether this person is right for your opening. As the client you will be able to review video CVs and all material before we schedule a face-to-face interview for you.



We understand that an employee is more than a set of skills and knowledge. It is also important to maintain the right personality fit for all the team to work well together and to produce the work product your company deserves. We take into account the potential employee’s ability to meld into your company’s environment and ethos.

 We Promote Your Company

Since we want to match the right person into your job slot, we list the vacancy on our national website and appropriate social media like LinkedIn and Facebook Jobs. This means your company is reaping the benefits of additional national exposure.


Background Checks

We run extensive background checks as part of the recruitment process. That way we can identify any problem areas like criminal records and fully ensure the identity of the candidate before we offer their information to you, our client.