IT/Tech Recruiting

The integration of technology, innovation and economy in the workplace all revolves around humanity. Finding talented people with the appropriate skills and experience to solve your daily and future problems will direct your enterprise toward a successful future.

It is not always easy to locate suitable employees. CorGTA has a cadre of professionals. We are able to locate those involved in software development, engineering and all the advanced technologies across Canada. We are able to compete for the best talent available.

We are present in the tech hubs of most major Canadian cities and we are skilled at identifying the top IT personnel and teams to lend strength to your operation. We are the experts who can help you employ the best workforce for your needs. We are able to fill your needs quickly with the best talent available.

We keep abreast of the local and national market and can help you plan the best strategy to attract and retain the highest quality workers and offer them a competitive package of compensation and benefits. We maintain a close watch on trends and can help you build a successful team whether permanent employees or a contingent workforce.