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HR Consulting

If you are an emerging company, it may seem that your focus is diverted into many sectors all at the same time.  You realize the importance of the HR function, but you may not have the resources to invest as fully as you should.


At CorGTA we have developed our HR Consulting component to help you with this critical area.  We can help with the initial stages of developing policies, compensation packages, and benefit plans.  All the while you are concentrating on the growth of your business and emergence onto the corporate scene.  CorGTA is with you in full force to assist you in HR directives and guidance.

  • Developing job descriptions
  • Checking references
  • Interview techniques
  • Establishing a candidate profile
  • Launching your talent brand
  • Skills testing
  • Initiating a talent pipeline


    We have the experts to locate qualified clients in your critical business departments

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    HR Consulting