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Talent Acquisition

Corporate leadership is the core of any organization.  These are the people who will determine the strategic direction of the company and drive the change appropriate for its growth.  It is our goal to help you hire the best available managers and directors to help drive your business to success.


Businesses of all sizes, genres and industries are seeking the best possible leaders to embrace the challenges and excitement of improving and growing business.  We understand your need for insightful, bold candidates from which to choose your management personnel to create, develop and implement the strategic objectives that will promote the vision and mission of your organization.


In an executive search, you want results that will enhance your company and will solve the intricacies of the long-term and daily operations.


CorGTA has the history to prove they have the ability to sift through the prospects and offer to your company a slate of appropriate candidates for this crucial position.  We select individuals who have the ability to produce the results you are after.


We look for those who are self motivated and solution oriented to ensure the success of your company.  Each executive search is unique.  We tailor our process to your criteria and goals.  Through our proven recruitment techniques we have identified leaders who are proven and tested.


Our process is to consult with you to determine the best compensation package that will meet or exceed industry standards.  When you are ready to make an offer, it is thoroughly acceptable.  We operate with the highest degree of professionalism so that your company maintains its reputation.


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