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Who will be my contact at the recruitment company?
We will assign a senior recruitment consultant who will be your representative from start to finish. This individual will work with our internal recruiters and will speak with all applicable candidates before we offer them for your consideration.
In some recruitment companies a senior consultant will conduct the initial meeting with the client and then transfer the process to a junior specialist. At CorGTA we feel it is critical that the recruiter who meets with you and understands your business needs is the same person who should screen candidates. In that way we are better able to understand and to serve your corporate needs.
How do I know you will recruit the right individuals?

When you begin to interview candidates we present, consider these issues:

  • Steady upward career progress
  • Number of job changes without a credible rationale
  • Quantifiable accomplishments in previous roles (measurable results) or just blurred statements of department achievements.
  • Candidate’s motivation to change jobs
  • Candidates understanding of the job opening and company
What is my guarantee?

Most recruitment companies offer a replacement guarantee if the individual does not prove satisfactory.  The usual time span is three months.

When you chat with other companies who have used the recruitment service, ask if they needed a replacement search.  If so, how did they feel about the replacement service and whether it was as comprehensive as the initial search?  At CorGTA we are particularly aware of these expectations and will take care to exceed your criteria.

How does the process work?

At CorGTA we:

  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the needs
  • Develop an understanding of your company’s team and culture
  • Define the job description for the position we are recruiting
  • Confirm all timelines and deadlines
  • Prepare a candidate profile
  • Attend local tech meetings, seminars and conferences
  • Identify potential candidates
    • Networking, researching and advertising
    • Engage our Talent Sourcing Team
    • Screen candidates
      • Review assessments in both skills and work style
      • Check references
    • In-person interviews
  • Develop a short list of potential employees
    • Offer the list for your review
    • Provide scheduling support including office space for interviews if necessary
    • Consult with you to evaluate prospects
    • Negotiate the offer
    • Finalize the acceptance
  • After-hire support
    • Assist with onboarding the new hire
    • Regular performance checks
    • Evaluate feedback from both the client and the new hire
Which positions do you recruit for?

At CorGTA we offer a full range of technical recruitments from QA specialist to CIO and for permanent positions or consulting opportunities.  Each business we work with has unique situations and needs.  We adapt our search parameters to tailor the criteria to find the best candidates available. 

Do you service remote locations?

Our placements are generally in southeastern Ontario, primarily Toronto and Ottawa.  However, we are able to provide service to many western Canadian cities including Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Edmonton, and Saskatoon. 

 Since some of our clients require placements in U.S. cities and we have been successful in accommodating those needs.  We are able to service most major cities in North America.

What are the fees?

The cost will vary depending on the role to be filled, strategies employed, etc.  However, the average cost to fill an open, in-house position is $4,000.  Our fee will also take into consideration:

  • Number of people to be hired
  • Your industry
  • Type of position and its salary
  • Whether it will be full time, part time, temporary, or permanent