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The new face of what IT consulting and staffing should be


CorGTA maintains the utmost knowledge and experience in the field of IT staffing and consulting. Our premise is that people always come first. This is demonstrated in our ability to identify and process the most qualified individuals for our clients. Our goal is a mutually beneficial relationship between employer and employee that results in company growth and employee career path. In that way both parties are completely satisfied.

For our clients, we are determined to deliver services that are right for them and their organization. In keeping with this philosophy, senior CorGTA team members work closely with account representatives to provide careful analysis of client requirements.

For our consultants, CorGTA must find challenging work that provides them with the opportunity to achieve their personal and professional goals. When we bring high caliber people to the right assignments, we are moving very quickly toward exceeding everyone’s expectations.

Our mission and philosophy are the cornerstone of our continuous improvement process and are reinforced during regular company-wide strategic planning exercises.


Because we are diligent about maintaining a superior network of applicants, we are successful in matching personnel to the correct corporate environment and responsibilities. Our applicants have easy access to our service through a number of Toronto IT events including TechTO, Communitech, BirghtLane, BrainStation, FullStack Toronto, GirlsLearningCode, and more. We maintain a visible presence at monthly events that allows us to stay engaged with some of the best resources in the area. This is incorporated with our ability to keep careful watch on the developments that change the face of the IT world.